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“Why would you mess with a Ouija board?!?” - deanwinchesterisraised

"I thought I could find out what the spirit wanted and no one else had any other ideas."


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Sentence Memes [Ghosts/Haunted Version]


1. “I think this place is haunted.”

2. “Why would you mess with a Ouija board?!?”

3. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to take something from a graveyard?”

4. “I think he/she is possessed.”

5. “I’ll get the holy water.”

6. “I don’t remember that—are you sure it was me?”

7. “Something scratched me!”

8. “Is that you poking me?”

9. “Something just doesn’t feel right.”

10. “I’m scared.”

11. “I don’t believe in ghosts.”

12. “Oh my god, I think it wants to kill us.”

13. “I can hear voices.”

14. “But you’re dead!  I saw you die!”

15. “It’s right behind you.”

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Send “What’s this?” And I will generate a number to see what item your muse has found in mine’s belongings.


*Note: Uses Random Number Generator* Safe, NSFW, Fluffy, Dangerous and some miscellaneous items:

Can generate fluff, angst, nsfw or possible triggers.
Numbers 1-45

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I want to be

                   { BRAVE } like you.

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Send me “Care to join me?” and I’ll generate a number and my character will react to yours asking them to join them in…


Mix of fluff, angst, and NSFW.


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(out of cheese)

I’ll try to be on on here tomorrow to get drafts done. I owe:

amoreepallottole (X)

perditionpulledmeback (X)

findxthemxsavexthem (X)

Anyone else?

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Smut Sentence Starters

  • "Beg for it."
  • "I want to fuck you right now."
  • "I’m going to make it hurt."
  • "I’ll make sure you can’t walk tomorrow."
  • "Touch yourself for me."
  • "I’m your Master and you’ll do what I say."
  • "It’s not going to fit!"
  • "I’m the only one that would ever fuck you."
  • "Spread your legs for me."
  • [text] What are you wearing?
  • "Get on your knees."
  • "Did we fuck last night?"
  • "I didn’t know you were so kinky."
  • "I think you need to be spanked."
  • "You look good tied up."
  • "Put on a show for me."
  • "I’m not wearing any underwear."
  • [text] I didn’t mean to send those pictures!
  • "I think the condom broke."
  • "You know you like when I tease you."
  • "You’ve been a bad boy/girl."
  • "We should try adding a third person."
  • "You don’t have to be so gentle."
  • "Wrong hole!"
  • "Bend over."
  • "I’m never getting on my knees for you again."
  • You’re going to break me.”
  • "Fuck me."
  • "You belong to me."
  • "Harder."
  • "Punish me."
  • "I’m gonna cum!"
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Wanting to RP, but afraid starters will be ignored.


Seeing an ‘Open RP’ starter thread, but too afraid it’s not meant for me.


Finally getting someone to RP, but afraid I might be boring them.




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If we RP a romantic relationship:


I want them to argue. I want them to be sad. I want them to worry. I want there to be tension. Because that’s what a relationship is. They can love each other, but that doesn’t mean they get along or are happy all the time. It’s perfectly normal for people to be sad and worried or fight. Them being happy and loving all the time just doesn’t feel right to me.

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Pregnancy/Baby ||Starter Sentences||

"I'm pregnant.."
"I'll just be in the bathroom throwing my fucking guts up because our unborn kid wants to be a dick.."
"You're pregnant?! How did this happen?! No, no, no, wait, don't tell me how it happened, never mind.."
"Happy Father's Day, babe!"
"Wait... you're having a what?!"
"There's someone I'd like you to meet.."
"Shh... he/she's sleeping.."
"Why couldn't YOU have been the one to get pregnant?! Why me?! The bad shit always happens to ME!"
"I have a special surprise for you. Close your eyes and follow me."
"He/She's killin' me, dude! When's he/she gonna come out?!"
"Oh, gosh, I felt it! I felt a kick!"
"Either what I just felt was a contraction or just a cramp... not really sure.."
"I am not getting rid of another life! How dare you even suggest that!"
"No, no, no, no, no, we aren't ready... we aren't ready for kids yet!"