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"Who did this to you?"



"…Don’ matter; jus’ let it go." He skirted around her question quietly.

He barely winced when the liquid touched his wounds, and if he did it was his subconscious expecting another vicious blow to the face instead of gentle hands and a cloth. “…S’fine. Ain’t like I wasn’ ‘xpectin’ no questions. S’jus’…they ain’ gonna be a problem now, s’all there is to it.”


"If we had ice, I would tell you to to put it on there, but we’ll just have to make do." She finished cleaning up his face before speaking again "You don’t have to do everything alone, you know?"  His injuries probably wouldn’t have been as bad if he didn’t take those men alone, but she wasn’t going flat out say that to him.

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"I’m not buying it, you don’t walk into a door and get an injury like that!" [Changed it from 'bruise' to 'injury' so you'd be able to decide how hurt she is; hope that's okay!]



"Daryl, just drop it." Caidyn insisted, staring at him through right eye, which wasn’t swollen shut. As she walked past him, she tried in vain to hide her limp. She should have known that there was, sh was stupid to try to prove to herself and the rest of the group that she could take care of herself. Her body ached from the beating she took and she wanted nothing more than to sleep.

He continued to take in the extent of her injuries, knowing it definitely wasn’t no damn door or even a fall that had done this. “Nah, ain’t gettin’ by that easy. This ain’t me we’re talkin’ ‘bout now, this is you and this ain’t somethin’ I’m droppin’.” He quickly stepped in her path to stop her from leaving until her got some answers.


"Ya weren’ here last nigh’. ‘The hell did ya go?"

"Who are you? My babysitter?" she retorted, but when when Daryl stepped in front of her, she didn’t feel so witty, she felt weak. Crossing her arms over her chest, she was uncomfortable with the confrontation. ”I.. um.. went on a run.” she said quietly, looking at the floor.


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When I die spread my ashes at Comic Con because that’s probably the only way I’ll ever get there.

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Send my muse kisses you want to give them!

  • ✚ for a kiss on a wound.
  • ♕ for a kiss of swearing fealty.
  • ✿ for a sweet kiss on the cheek.
  • ♠ for a kiss that leaves a mark on the skin.
  • ♆ for a kiss where there is a pulse.
  • ϡ for a kiss that lets you know I love you.
  • ღ for a kiss filled with passion and need.
  • † for a kiss to say good bye forever.
  • ✄ for hateful kiss — gonna make you feel the scorn okay?!
  • ☂ for a kiss in the rain.

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Do not hate homosexuals, bisexuals, asexuals, ect
But do not hate heterosexuals.

Do not hate trans*gender, agender, non-binary people
But do not hate cissexuals.

Do not hate people of color
But do not hate white people.

Do not hate women
But do not hate men.

Do not hate Christians
But do not hate atheists.

Hatred only breeds more hatred. Is it that hard to understand?

This needs more attention than it’s gotten.

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I feel like I’m beginning to bore my partners.

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Sentences from Commercials Starters


"Go ahead. Ask the internet."

"Are you crying?"

"Hello pants."

"It sounds better in Italian.”

“Are we still doing the whisper thing?”

“Excuse me, ma’am, I’ve got this.”

“Take a look what you’ve done!”

“I think I broke my spleen.” 

“I just made like $700 on Craigslist.” 

“The bacon is really, really good.”

“Ten years is a long time.”

“I cannot believe that just happened!” 

“I’d snuggle up with me.”

“Don’t call me babe! We’re not together!”

“Are we there yet?”

“We need a babysitter.”

“We cannot be afraid to fail.”

“This is a game-changer.” 

“I will try not to take offense to that.”

“Where are we exactly?”

“I have no idea what you’re saying. But count me in!”

“They say you get what you pay for.”

“Sounds like a slam dunk.”

“I’m a grown-up.”

“Accidents happen.” 

“We’re so dead.”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“How do you do it?!”

“Let’s do this!”

“Breathe, baby, breathe.” 

“You’re not helping.”

“Don’t pick her. Pick me.” 

“You look amazing!”

“I didn’t invite him. He just shows up.”

“Looks like you’ve got everything under control.” 

“You ever find your pants?”

“Whatever’s ahead, we’ll be there for each other.” 

“When in Rome!”

“Yes, I am rich.” 

“That was close.”

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My muse just did something stupid that almost got them killed. Yell at them.

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He looked through the side window, keeping mute like a caught up runaway child. She was right to yell at him, he kept messing things up like he actually wanted to fuck it up. He could easily stop drinking, he wasn’t a poor addicted fellow, he was able to make the difference. But the thing he was addicted to was sadness. It was like he enjoyed being in a deep black hole, unable to take the ladder up to the light. It scared him to be like this, reckless and dangerous for himself. The adrenaline was keeping him running toward the wrong way as he was a coward unable to face himself. He could have just dropped dead one day, this mistake could have been the last. She was so right it began to hurt even more. He slowly turn his head to look at her, ready to make pointless apologies again but her words froze him up. How can she thought that he didn’t cared about her ? She was the only thing that stopped him from collapsing. But then again, she had pointed out the heart of things. Why acting like nothing matters if she was the only thing that mattered ? He acted selfish, his acts proving the whole reverse side of what he actually felt for her. He took a painful breath and lowered his head when she opened the passenger’s door. He left her attend to him, his wounded leg helped by her body. As soon as he stand he grabbed her tight and started to cry. “I love you…” He said. “I’m so sorry…I’m so stupid…” He kissed her out of breath. “I acted selfish, I acted like nothing matters anymore. But you matter Caidyn, you matter and it scares me…I love you and it scares me !” He hid his face in her neck, shivering. “I shouldn’t be allowed near you…”

As Dorian cried, Caidyn couldn’t help but feel bad. it wasn’t right to take everything out on him. So when he hid in her neck, she pushed him back, she didn’t deserve his love. “I’m sorry for yelling at you.” her gaze feel to the ground “I shouldn’t have done that.” She looked back up at him, but avoided his gaze, “Come on, lets get you to a doctor.” She wrapped her arm around his waist and they began to walk towards the hospital doors, He would tell her it wasn’t her fault, that he deserved it, but it wouldn’t make any difference to her.

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NSFW Prompts

"Whipped cream or chocolate sauce?"
"Come sit on my lap."
"I can't stop thinking about your hands on me."
"My thighs can be your earmuffs."
"God, you look good."
"Come here, baby."
"Come here, daddy."
"Give me a kiss."
"Your mouth looks great all pink and swollen."
"I could really use a fuck right now."
"We can take a quick shower."
"I could give you a massage, if you want."
"You're so cute I could just eat you up."
"Would you prefer lingerie or a collar?"
"Hey, I'm open minded."
"Are you sure that's safe?"
"Silk or lace?"
"I want to be sore."
"I don't have a gag reflex."
"What flavour condom do you like?"
"We have time to kill; you know what that means."
"Beg for it."
"You look super hot from down here."
"You look super hot from up here."
"Someone's happy to see me."